Andretti Brown

I’m a Digital Designer with 15 years of experience designing engaging and user-friendly interfaces and other marketing graphics for large brands for desktop, mobile and traditional medias. I have experience in many industries, but my passion does live in the digital interaction we have with a well designed creative idea.

What I do

Digital Design 90%
Front-End Development 60%
Print Design 50%
Photography 70%
Illustration 75%
Graphic Design 90%
Social Media 75%

Additional Skills

User Experience (UX) Design, User Interaction and Interface (UI) Design, Interactive Multimedia, Digital Marketing, Motion Graphics/Animation, Digital Photography

Technical Skills:
HTML / XHTML and HTML5, CSS / CSS3, Coda, Keynote, Familiarity with Agile methodologies, Digital and Hand illustration, Proficient  in Adobe Creative Cloud